Today marks the day 13 years ago when my life changed forever.  You made me a husband, a father, and you have been my best friend for the past 13 years and nothing I can say or do will ever thank you enough for the wonderful years we have had.

So to celebrate 13 years, here are the 13 things I love most about my wife all beginning with each letter of her name.

Mine – I am so thankful that you chose to spend your life with me.

Irreplaceable – No one on this earth can replace you and the things you do for me.

Silly – You bring silliness into my stressful life and get away with it like no one can.

Treasure – I treasure you and know you are truly a gift from God.

Youthful – You never get old and are young at heart in everything you do.

2004Distinctive – You are unique and a one of a kind person that is the perfect fit to make me a better person.

Mom – No one could ask for a better mother to the boys.  You truly have a mothers heart and love the boys so much.

Amazing – The best word I can use to describe you is amazing.  In every area of life and in every situation we have been through, you have been amazing.

Necessary – You are the most necessary thing in my life.  I truly do not know how I would have gotten through the last few years with out you.

2006 March

Caring – You go out of your way to show kindness even to complete strangers and you are teaching the boys to care for others.

Unbelievably Beautiful – The older we get the more beautiful you become to me.  You haven’t aged a bit and you still turn my head when you walk in a room.

Selfless – You are the most selfless person I have ever met.  You alweays think of everyone else first even if that means you go without.

Obedient – Not to me, but to God and authority.  When you feel you need to do something, you follow through with it.

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