Well, it’s done.  I can say I am happy how the results turned out but I also remember the agony of defeat in the last two elections.  The course of this Country changed DRASTICALLY eight years ago and I for one do not understand how people can think we are better off.  However, that is not the point of this post.

Mr. Trump has won.  Would I have liked him to win the popular vote too?  Absolutely, however the electoral college works and is still the BEST system by far over any Country.  Not perfect but still the best.  Just like this Country.  Trump was not my first choice.  He was not my second choice.  Once he got the Republican nomination, he became the ONLY choice for me and I believe he truly is the only one that can turn some of the worst parts of this Country around.

Responsibility is key!  The American voters have gone ALL IN in this election on Trump and the republicans.  Do you hear that leaders?  Remember when we voted the republicans to have control of the house and senate?  They sure made a ton of promises that they did not deliver on.  Mr. Trump and the republicans need to deliver.

I disagree with President Obama on just about every policy issue however, I can say two things about him.  1)  His speech to the American public the day after the election was a flawless speech and very humble.  Now, time will tell if his actions will match his speech.  2)  The other good quality about him is, he had an agenda, (as flawed as I might think it is) and he delivered that agenda.  No matter what you may think of him and his agenda, he followed through with a lot of things he promised.

Trump made a lot of promises.  He wrote a lot of checks with his mouth that (while I like most of his agenda) even I am not sure he can cash.  I feel like many people did exactly what he suggested and voted for him because “what do they have to lose?”  I predict, he will either go down as one of the greatest Presidents of all time (which I personally believe) or history will be written that he was the worst President of all time.  I do not think he will fall anywhere in between that.

To Trump and the Republicans:  You better wake up!  You better put your work boots on and hit the ground running.  Not so much on policy but on turning this Country around.  I do want to work with everyone but the American people are not going to accept gridlock and no progress.  The “balance of power” is a double edged sword.  It is great to get things done however, if you don’t get it done, or your policies fail miserably, you have no one to blame but yourselves.  Keep that in mind.  This responsibility is SQUARELY on Trump and the Republican party.  If you fail to get things done or do a poor job executing or your policies just flat out suck, you have no one to blame but yourselves so you better include people in the conversations and make it happen.  If you fail, consider the Republican party over because the American public will not give you another chance.  If you want to maintain control, you HAVE to turn this country around and QUICKLY.  We will very soon be able to judge Trump on what he has DONE not what he has promised.  Speaking of promises, Mr. Trump, you made a ton of campaign promises and spoke “off the cuff” a lot.  You better remember the things you promised, this is why we voted for you, this is why we are ALL IN with you.

To anyone that did not vote for Trump:  The man says crazy things, stupid things, but he is a business man.  Let me give you some insight.  I can relate to how you feel.  When Obama won (both times) I was terrified of what this country would become much like you might be scared for the same reasons.  Maybe you have an opinion on Trump (valid or not) that makes you scared.  Maybe you are of a certain ethnic group and feel he is going to launch a war on you (much like myself and many Christians felt Obama would do).  I can relate to an extent where you are coming from.  Again, the man has said some stupid things.  So as I said, when Obama won, I was terrified of what the nation would become and let me say, my fears were 100% accurate but he was still the President and while I disagreed with him, I could respect him and respect the office.  So I say this, without Obama, Trump never would have won.  And it isn’t specifically Obama, it could have just as easily been Hillary last time too.  The liberal AGENDA (not the person) is what terrified me.  So, I feel I was right in those fears.  Time will tell if you are right in your feelings of Trump.  I hope (and would bet) you will be wrong.  I truly think while the man says dumb things and speaks very candidly to a fault, I truly believe deep down in his heart he does want to help this Country.  Does he have selfish reasons?  Maybe.  Time will tell, but he sure didn’t have to subject himself to this ridicule for the last two years and next four for sure.  He didn’t HAVE to put himself in a situation to receive death threats or the twitter universe calling for his assassination.  That’s pretty bold for only selfish reasons especially when he doesn’t need the money or power.  I am not saying he won’t be corrupted and maybe he is selfish, only God knows, but let’s see what happens.  The man really thinks he can make us prosperous and turn around this country and the inner-cities.  Hold him accountable if it DOESN’T happen, let’s not protest and burn the cities before he even takes office.  Who knows, maybe your opinion of him is wrong.  Maybe he will make those cities great again.  In my heart of hearts, I do believe he loves this country as a whole, EVERYONE in it and wants to do good.  Is he a narcissist who thinks he is the ONLY one that can do it?  Yes.  Emphatically yes.  But he might just be right.  He might truly be the only one that can take corruption out of politics because he truly is an outsider with nothing to gain and everything to lose.  He is already clearing up corruption he got the Clinton’s out! (I kid, I kid)

To the Establishment on both sides:  Goodbye.  Leave.  You are done.  Your time is up.  You have done nothing for decades except make us dependent on you and coerce us to continue voting you in.  You are finished.  Our Constitution starts off with WE THE PEOPLE for a reason.  You have successfully divided us so we forget that WE THE PEOPLE are ALL people.  You have failed us.  If I am doing well and my neighbor or a neighboring state is failing, then you still failed ALL of us.  The inner cities are just as important as the suburbs.  The rights of ALL American’s should not be infringed on ANY of us.  Christian, black, white, Muslim, gay, straight, it doesn’t matter!  We are ALL created EQUAL.  The two key words there are CREATED and EQUAL.  Created meaning a higher power created us and equal meaning you can no longer divide us!  The Constitution put those words there because words do matter.  You want to label us and define us and compartmentalize these groups but the fact of the matter is, we are ALL Americans and you represent us ALL.  Good Riddance!  We are no longer going to be divided.  We go back to the constitution and believe we are ALL equal.  That means you and I are the same.  You as an elected official are still equal to me.  Don’t forget that.  If you want to be in power, you HAVE to understand the first three letters of the constitution……We The People!

To Christians:  Maybe you voted for Trump maybe you didn’t.  The fact of the matter is he now has won and it is now a huge responsibility that man has that I am not sure he even realizes what all is involved.  We need to pray.  First for this Country and the people in it.  The Country needs healing and it will start with us.  We need to cover the new President in prayer that he will surround himself with the right people and appoint the right people to the right positions.  He has some big decisions to make that can change the course of this country for years to come and he needs to receive council on this.  It is our responsibility to pray for all of our leaders no matter your opinion.  The weight of this responsibility is going to take its toll on him and he will need help and support from everyone.  Again, we are the church.  We are ALL the church just like we are ALL Americans.  You may or may not like the man, but he is still the President so pray he makes decisions based on wise council.  I believe while we are not to judge the man, and maybe personally he isn’t a “born again Christian” but God will still bless this nation if he seeks council from many.

If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land. – 2 Chronicles 7:14

To my friends of another race:  You are Americans just as I am.  We don’t need to be divided anymore.  I did not “oppose” Obama because he was a black man, I opposed his ideology and thinking just as I opposed John Kerry, Hillary Clinton and Al Gore.  It never was about race for me.  Does America have white people that are racists?  Sure.  It is not right but don’t lump all “white” people into the same box. Black people in my experience don’t want to be “judged” by the images we see on TV of rioting and looting.  I know plenty of black friends that don’t like Trump but would never go burn a city down because of it.  I don’t judge a whole race on the stupidity of a few that the media and the establishment want us to see so we think “they are all like that”. Just as the media shows white idiots being racists, we aren’t all like that either.  A vote FOR Trump was probably more of a vote AGAINST liberal principles.  I truly want racism to stop but it will only stop when both sides stop painting the other with a broad brush, so can we agree not all black people want to burn down cities and not all white people hate black people.  We can disagree on POLICY without it being a race issue.

To the celebrities that said you would leave if Trump won:  Well never mind, if I wrote about it you might think I actually care.  Bye!

In conclusion, let’s give the man a chance.  I am going to be his biggest critic because he has set the bar VERY high in what he has promised.  He needs to deliver but I will withhold judgement until we see what he can actually do.  If my feeling is right, in four years I predict he will win reelection and it won’t even be close.  I think he can turn this economy around very quickly.  I also believe the man truly is a compassionate man so before everyone is scared about being deported or the wall or whatnot, let’s see what he actually does and what stance he takes.  All I am saying is let’s give him a chance.

“This has been a great campaign, but to truly be historic, we have to do a great job; though the campaign is over, our work is just beginning” – President Donald Trump

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